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TAWAL completes its preparations to serve Hajj pilgrims

More than 1000 towers serving the holy sites

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TAWAL, the leading Saudi ICT Infrastructure company, has completed its preparations for this year's Hajj to provide the best-integrated services for its clients from telecom companies and governmental entities. These services have been completed to serve Hajj pilgrims in cooperation with the relevant official authorities and Hajj committees.

For this year's Hajj, TAWAL built 31 new towers to join more than 1,000 towers that have been set up to enable its clients from telecom operators to serve pilgrims' journeys. TAWAL has also upgraded 303 sites to deploy a 5G network, and preventaive maintenance has been performed on 986 sites.

To deliver the best services to its clients, the company has also allocated more than 100 field technicians to manage the infrastructure of the holy sites, with these being supported by 24/7 tower operation centers in Riyadh and Makkah to ensure optimum operations. The company has also put in place mechanisms to prepare for any emergencies.

Saeed Alshehri, Chief Operating Officer, TAWAL, said, "As the Kingdom's leading ICT infrastructure provider, we seek to enable telecom operators, providing an advanced experience for pilgrims. As part of our commitment to serving our clients, we are working around the clock to enhance the infrastructure of communication networks, which includes many advanced services for pilgrims."

TAWAL is a leading Saudi ICT Infrastructure company and owns more than 15,500 telecommunication towers in the Kingdom. It provides innovative services and solutions for this vital and rapidly growing sector. TAWAL aims to lead the technology transformation in the Kingdom by providing exemplary services to its clients looking for reliable and cost-effective infrastructure, ensuring an ideal environment to meet their needs. TAWAL works to enhance and share the infrastructure with its customers to achieve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and mitigate negative environmental impacts. The company is a major player in the Kingdom’s telecom infrastructure industry, and aspires to expand its services to cover other international markets.