TAWAL is the leading Saudi company in the telecommunications infrastructure and information technology field.

stc had founded TAWAL in December 2018 to be an independent provider of telecommunications infrastructure and information technology services in the Kingdom, providing the latest innovative solutions.

On April 1st, 2019, TAWAL received the permit from the Communications and Information Technology Commission to start operating as the first and largest telecommunications towers company in the Kingdom and across the region.

With the growth of telecommunications and information technology services in the Kingdom, and with the crucial need for more telecommunication towers as a result of this growth, not to mention the increase of operational efficiency, performance improvement and advancing the quality of services, TAWAL has come to support the infrastructure of the ICT sector.

Governmental entities, network operators, private sector companies, and real estate developers.

Yes, TAWAL fulfils the needs of SMEs by offering multiple solutions to suit their requirements, such as providing event organizers temporary mobile tower (COW).

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TAWAL’s main operations include designing, building, managing telecom infrastructure facilities and colocation reinforcement through cutting-edge technologies.

TAWAL provides the latest services and high-quality solutions to its customers in the Information and Communication Technology Sector (ICT) that are seeking a reliable and efficient infrastructure in terms of costs, operational efficiency, expense reduction as well as guaranteeing a perfect environment to satisfy all their needs in addition to reducing the impact on the environment.

TAWAL main services includes:

  • Built-to-suit
  • Colocation
  • In-Building-Solutions (IBS)
  • O&M

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TAWAL owns a portfolio of more than 15,000 telecom towers, representing 40% of the  towers across the Kingdom; making it the first in the Kingdom and largest telecommunication towers provider in the region.

  • Driving operational excellence by enabling effective business decision-making through building integrated reliable information systems and monitoring the performance of key operational processes
  • Realizing cost efficiencies through effective ticket management, re-negotiation of contracts for better agreements, and proficient handling of outsourced secondary services, while ensuring reliable service quality
  • Unlocking scale benefits through optimizing the occupancy ratio of our core products and exploring opportunities from additional products and value added services

TAWAL is focused on offering solutions that would ensure its partners optimum and cost-efficient operations. It has adopted an added value strategy that would help businesses save on costs through tower sharing, by renting space on TAWAL’s towers in return for a monthly fee instead of spending large capital expenses to obtain the infrastructure. Moreover, TAWAL’s sturdy client base offers an opportunity for further reduction on leasing fees by sharing sites.

  1. Built-to-Suit
  2. Colocation
  3. In-Building-Solutions (IBS)
  4. Operation & Maintenance Solutions (O&M)

We undertake the building of ultramodern telecom towers end-to-end, from zoning and site acquisition to delivery to our clients. We build to suit your passive infrastructure, including the site, tower, shelter and power supply. Once the site is built, we assess its colocation potential and explore ways to attract other tenants to lease spaces on it. In areas where acquisition is a challenge, we offer the option of building sites that require smaller land area, such as rooftops.

  1. Cutting costs and achieving better cash flows management
  2. Simplifying site selection, contracts management and supplier relations
  3. Expanding the range and expediting the rollout of cutting-edge technology
  4. Avoiding the hassle of operating and maintaining the site
  5. Mitigating the risk of owning and managing your towers

Colocation refers to the mutual use of a single site to mount multiple telecommunications antennas or equipment operated by different carriers or enterprises. Consolidation enables & encourages operators to dismantle their existing sites and move their equipment to our existing sites at lower fees. This full-fledged eco-friendly solution allows clients including network operators, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), private enterprises, and government entities to share the passive infrastructure by leasing spaces on our existing telecom towers, enabling them to densify their presence with ease. 

  1. Saving on direct operating costs and minimizing leasing rates by tower sharing
  2. Boosting preparedness to increase network capacity and improve coverage
  3. Allowing quicker rollout of innovative services, even in rural areas
  4. Saving time and effort through relaying on our operation and maintenance activities
  5. Transferring the risk associated with managing your own independent facilities
  6. Reducing environmental impact through contributing to a lower carbon footprint

At TAWAL, we provide comprehensive infrastructure solutions to fulfill our clients’ various needs, including In-Building Solution (IBS) as part of its product portfolio, covering design, implementation and operation phases to boost internal coverage across airports, hospitals, universities, stadiums, hotels, malls, commercial buildings, towers, governmental entities, and other buildings. IBS supports our customers from telecom companies, building landlords and real estate owners by providing superior internal coverage with cutting-edge technologies

  1. Providing superior internal coverage for crowded areas
  2. Enhancing network capacity to support high-speed data services
  3. Providing coverage in areas that outdoor towers have difficulties reaching, such as basement and the upper floors of high-rise buildings
  4. Providing a cost-effective solution to cater the growing number of users
  5. Accelerating the testing & deployment of the latest technologies

Yes, TAWAL provides its customers from Telecom Operators, buildings landlord and real estate owners with end-to-end IBS solution including design, implementation and operation phases to boost internal coverage across airports, hospitals, universities, stadiums, hotels, malls, commercial buildings, towers, governmental entities, and others. Where we function as intermediate service provider between the client and the Telecom Operators to offer the following:


  • Provide superior internal coverage with the cutting-edge technologies
  • Optimize the capital expenses by enhancing the infrastructure sharing between all Telecom Operators
  • Provide operation and maintenance services following the highest standards to achieve operational efficiency

O&M service includes maintaining the passive infrastructure on a particular site, including the tower, shelters and power supply, in line with the best international practices and the highest safety compliance standards. At TAWAL we undertake tech-savvy maintenance and operation activities for our clients’ owned infrastructure with premium and cost-efficient O&M services, levering on our experience in tower operations and our nationwide presence.

  • Expert operations and maintenance services at a lower cost
  • Effective quality control for interventions from third parties
  • Advanced key performance monitoring and incident management following best practices

TAWAL undertakes an important role in supporting the Kingdom’s vision 2030 through the efforts to deliver ideal solutions to telecommunication service providers and enabling them to accelerate the deployment of innovative future technology, such as the 5G network, Internet of Things (IoT) in order to achieve the awaited digital transformation in the Kingdom, building a digital society and government as well as a thriving digital economy, ultimately for a better future in the Kingdom.

TAWAL has a clear vision and is taking concrete measures alongside ambitious plans to become the leading company in providing the best telecommunication Infrastructure and information technology services by:

-Delivering ideal solutions for telecommunication service providers and enabling them to accelerate the deployment of innovative future technologies

-Enabling customers to upgrade their network by providing them with a reliable and effective infrastructure in terms of costs and operational efficiency

-Achieving a positive impact on local society, guaranteeing environmental sustainability and advancing renewable energy

TAWAL is currently operating in the Kingdom and has ambitious futuristic plans towards growth and expansion of its services to cover more countries in the region.