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Through its subsidiary and leading ICT infrastructure company “TAWAL”

stc group officially begins operation in Europe

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Riyadh: 27 August 2023

stc Group, an engine of digital transformation in the MENA region, today announced that its subsidiary TAWAL has officially began operations in Europe

The announcement follows the completion of TAWAL’s acquisition of United Group’s telecom tower assets in Bulgaria, Croatia, and Slovenia on April 25th , 2023 as part of stc group strategy to expand and grow, and after obtaining all the necessary approvals from the related regulatory organizations.

TAWAL now owns and operates over 4,800 sites across Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia, providing operation services to its new clients in these countries. This acquisition represents the second step of TAWAL’s expansion plan following the launch of TAWAL Pakistan in 2022. The total towers portfolio of TAWAL is now exceeding 21,000 towers across five countries.

Tapping into the European market’s growth potential — particularly with regards to the roll-out of 5G and adaptation of mobile services — TAWAL aims to ensure reliable, effective and efficient ICT infrastructure network to all Mobile Networks Operators (MNOs) in these markets. TAWAL aims to bring significant investments, best processes and practices, as well as innovative products to its portfolio. The company will leverage its expertise in managing critical and robust infrastructure across KSA to bolster the European markets by accelerating the deployment of ICT infrastructure in those markets.

Mohammed Alhakbani, CEO, TAWAL, said: “We are delighted to launch our operations in Europe. This achievement constitutes an important turning point for TAWAL to expand its footprints to other important markets. Leveraging our resources and best practices, we aim to bring even more value to the European markets by enabling our customers to operate more effectively and efficiently.”

About stc Group

stc Group is the engine of digital transformation, providing innovative products and services in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region. It offers a variety of best-in-class digital solutions and services, including online payments, telecommunications, IOT, AI, 5G, cloud computing, e-gaming and cybersecurity, Fintech and other advanced digital solutions.

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TAWAL owns a portfolio of more than 21,000 telecom towers across Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia and Pakistan. The company actively supports digital transformation plans in those markets. It is expanding its reach across new cities and rural areas and is actively rolling out smart-city-ready technologies such as camouflage telecom towers, smart poles capable of supporting 5G and IoT devices, in-building solutions (IBS), beside other tailored ICT infrastructure.