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TAWAL launches innovative solutions to connect real estate developers with telecom network operators

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Riyadh January 22, 2022: TAWAL, the leading Saudi ICT Infrastructure Company, has revealed two new solutions representing an integrated system connecting real estate developers with telecom network operators. The new products support real estate developers’ and telecom network operators’ strategies of providing an advanced telecom infrastructure that can roll out their services faster throughout the Kingdom. The two products, Lite Built-to-Suit and Lite Colocation have been developed to provide easy to implement technical solutions and flexible business models that meet the needs of the real estate sector, telecom network operators, and customers.

TAWAL’s Commercial Sector, via Services and Products Portfolio Department, developed the two products after conducting studies that revealed the need for launching tower construction services with flexible features. The Lite Built-to-Suit solution provides an advanced infrastructure with an innovative business model for real estate developers and non-commercial networks. The Lite Colocation solution provides an integrated link to telecom network operators for Lite Built-to-Suit and it also provides a flexible solution for Internet Service and Internet of Things (IoT) Providers to collocate their equipment.

Both solutions provide real estate developers, telecom operators and Internet Service & IoT Providers the flexibility they need, the quality they expect, and the reach they demand. The result is cost-effective and scalable service across the Kingdom, from main cities into more remote regions. All of this is made possible by TAWAL’s more than 15,000 communications towers throughout the Kingdom.

TAWAL’s Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Abdulrahman Al Moaiqel, said, “These new solutions, Lite Built-to-Suit and Lite Colocation, opens new innovative solutions for Internet Service and IoT Providers and are also designed to cater the targets of real estate developers of being served by network operators over TAWAL’s first-class telecom infrastructure in remote or underdevelopment locations where service is otherwise difficult to get. The solutions are affordable and provide flexible operating terms. It is a win-win solution for network operators, and real estate developers and their customers.”

TAWAL is a leading Saudi ICT infrastructure company that offers state-of-the-art infrastructure solutions to supply a growing industry. TAWAL is well-positioned to lead the next hi-tech transformation by offering solutions to customers searching for a reliable and cost-efficient ICT infrastructure to ensure optimal operations for their business. A key player in the Saudi telecommunications infrastructure industry, TAWAL aspires to extend its coverage to embrace the region.