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TAWAL looks to the future of smart city innovation with FTTT and CaaS

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RIYADH, December 21. 2022 – TAWAL, the leading integrated ICT infrastructure provider in the Kingdom, has launched Fiber To The Tower (FTTT) and Coverage as a Service [caas] as new products developed by Commercial Portfolio Department of the Commercial Sector and adding them to TAWAL’s innovative products portfolio. Supporting the increased data traffic and high-density demand of 5G networks and IoT functions, the new offering will enable service providers to deliver next-generation networks and technologies and powering the future of smart city innovations.

The FTTT solution, which will come in two models — the “FTTT Links Model” and “Fiber Facility Access Model” — has been launched to empower the people, communities, and entities that TAWAL supports. It will do so by connecting existing fiber infrastructure within the provider’s sites to their core network. This will help increasing efficiency and lowering costs. It will also provide added reliability and access to more advanced capabilities utilizing higher bandwidth. The launch of the FTTT proposition marks the latest step taken by TAWAL to accelerate the Kingdom’s roll-out of current and future technologies. It bolsters the provider’s offerings and underlines its commitment to enhancing the connectivity of its network of towers across the country.

While Coverage as a Service [caas], which is a supplementary product that TAWAL provides on top of Lite Built-to-Suit and In-Building Solution products, through which, TAWAL provides a full-fledged telecom infrastructure solution to end clients, that includes passive and active equipment, in partnership with mobile network operators.

This solution will assist mobile network operators in providing mobile coverage to TAWAL’s end clients in remote or temporary areas by bridging the gap between them through this add-on service by providing the necessary business facilitation for Mobile Network Operators to provide and operate their active equipment on TAWAL’s infrastructure. These characteristics make this solution ideal for a wide range of clients, including under-development mega projects, hotels, farms, and industrial sites.

CaaS also aims to extend the coverage by easing the financial barriers for the MNOs for a widened network while the risk is minimal, reduce capital investments by facilitating telecom equipment costs which can be directed to high-priority investments, optimize operational costs through end-customer subsidies, attract new customers at minimal customer acquisition costs and ensure an enhanced customer experience by improving network coverage.

Abdulrahman Al Moaiqel, Chief Commercial Officer, TAWAL, said, “As the Kingdom’s leading integrated ICT infrastructure provider and the first tower company in Saudi Arabia, TAWAL is fully committed to pioneering advanced offerings that promote efficiency and effectiveness. We are delighted to unveil a suite of inventive, new solutions that will empower Mobile Network Operators, businesses, and government sector to do just that.”

The leading integrated ICT infrastructure provider in the Kingdom and first tower company in Saudi Arabia, TAWAL has long been committed to empowering Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), businesses and government authorities to operate more efficiently and effectively. As part of this mission, the provider continues to innovate new products that will play a key role in the development of the Kingdom’s smart cities.